Caring for Your Sylvana Dubayssi To Make It Last Forever:

 Our experienced manufacturers select only the highest quality skins and materials in order to create these unique luxury masterpieces. In order to retain the quality of its appearance, we recommend the following:

Exotic Skin:

 In order to make your Sylvana Dubayssi exotic handbag last forever, please keep it protected from water, excessive heat, humidity, and dryness.

If in contact with water, the natural leather skin will start angling away greatly. If your bag gets wet, dry it with a soft cloth and allow to dry naturally, away from any artificial heat source.

Avoid contact with artificial cleaners such as bleaches and sprays.

Avoid from acids such as lotions, perfumes, and other beauty products.

Keep out of reach of the sun to protect from color fading or yellowing of the bag.


To preserve the natural aspects of the bag and its softness, we do not make the leather waterproof. Therefore, it should be kept away from water contact, rain, heat or dryness. If it gets wet, pat it with a soft dry cloth and allow it to air-dry naturally.

To preserve the luxurious look and feel of your handbag keep it protected from oils of every kind and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, as it may fade away the natural color and look of your exotic handbag.

Product Care
Product Care